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Dedicated to illuminating the life of Roman soldiers and life in Roman Britain.

Award-winning Roman Tours offer a superb fact-filled entertaining story of 2,000-year-old Deva – Britain’s biggest Roman fortress. Legionary guides take you behind the scenes at key sites to explore the drama of life in the Roman Army – all based on the latest research by military experts.

We are specialist providers of Roman history to schools and museums across the U.K. for more than 18 years. Presenting and illuminating the life of a Roman soldier in Britain, through informative, educational and interactive experiences for all ages.

We provide some of the only full-time professional Romans in Britain, throughout the year. Enduring the British climate in authentic clothing and equipment and constantly update our knowledge and equipment as archaeology uncovers new information. We regularly visit schools across the UK and bring education on Roman Britain to you. Should you visit Chester we also provide guided tours of the largest Roman fortress in the UK for all ages and groups. We can also provide Roman characters for corporate promotions or to add to your own event.


Chester Medieval Tours

This exciting and unique tour will focus on medieval Chester in the year of 1403. England is under the rule of King Henry IV but the rebellion of Henry ‘Hotspur’ Percy, along with his allies Owain Glyndwr and the Earl of Douglas, threatens his reign.

Our authentically dressed medieval soldiers will lead you around Chester highlighting significant events of the time and outlining the reasons leading to Hotspur rebelling against the King. You will also learn about what life was like for the soldiers living in the city, particularly the famous and skilled, Cheshire longbowmen the former bodyguards to the crown.

Sights you will visit with our medieval soldier include; Chester walls, Chester’s famous medieval rows, the Roman amphitheatre (you will be surprised what it was used for in the medieval period), Chester’s first Cathedral St. John’s. Finally finishing at the River Dee looking over to Handbridge where you will learn of the dramatic conclusion to the rebellion at the battle of Shrewsbury and the fate of the people of Chester.

Private tours will start at 11am from Chesters Tourist Information Centre and must be booked a day before via our website or at the tourist information centre.

Public tours will start at 1pm from the Chester Tourist Information Centre, you can purchase tickets from our website or at the information centre.


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“Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend”

Great tour and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. We had some Dutch visitors over and decided this would be a fun and informative introduction to Chester.

Our guide, Tiberius, is a great guy with a natural affinity with people and lots of knowledge about Roman Chester. His costume is amazing and we also listened with interest about his custom tattoos winch look awesome. Tiberius took us to some places we had never been in Chester and which the general public can’t get into.

We had a really enjoyable time and the tour is well worth the money. Also worth noting that last year, when we had to cancel the tour due to personal reasons the company refunded the money and were so helpful and understanding. A lesson for the big `coriaorates’ out there!,