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The year is 1603. The wisest fool in Christendom, King James VI of Scotland, has just ascended the English throne. There are already murmurs of Catholic plots across the country and, in Chester, bubonic plague has struck.

Yet there is good news for the Cappers, Pinners, Wyredrawers, Lynnen Drapers and Bricklayers Company. The king has just confirmed the guild with its own coat of arms.

Meet Miles Mason, son of a Welsh brickman and grandson of a Dutch carver. He will be your guide.

Address: Meet in Chester Town Hall Square

Attraction Information

A stroll into the past

Explore early modern Chester through the eyes of those who built some its most beautiful historic buildings and hear tales of dissolution, pestilence and civil war.

Connect replica items and imagery with the real, everyday stories of Chester’s citizens from all walks of life.

Learn fascinating local facts, from a professional, costumed guide, whilst walking the historic streets of Chester…a city boasting over six hundred listed buildings.

Your Guide

Tom Hudson is an Oxford graduate, with over a decade’s worth of experience working within heritage. He has guided in Surrey, Kent, Lancashire and Cheshire since 2013.

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